How do you have time to write ?

I’ve gotten the question a couple of times lately:

I’ve gotten the question a couple of times lately:

How do you make time to write everyday?

Honestly, somehow for the past 180 days or so it just happens. I don’t have any secrets or any special trick to writing quickly or fitting in my day.

I think I’d add that most of these posts are just me thinking out loud. They are passion posts. They are not edited at all and I don’t even re read them. Perhaps you can tell. lolz. They are often not very long also, it just depends on the day.

Is there something that you do every single day? I am sure there is. You may not even notice it. For example, I bet you check Facebook every day. That may take 5/10 minutes.

The little time adds up.

As I continue to grow, I’ve realized the importance of time and I’ve taken all of those little 5/10 minutes to make my life that much better. I want to spend all the time I can doing things that I really like to do.

I won’t remember my Facebook timeline 10 years from now.

I will remember how much happier I was after writing all of these blog posts.

I also write these posts to learn new things and that has been going really well!

Anyways, thanks for reading 🙂