The Future of AI

I’m really excited for the future of the world.

I’m really excited for the future of the world.

Sam Altman, in a recent talk (see below), shares some incredible insights into HIS OWN OPINION OF the future of mankind and the world. Of course, you do not have to agree… but here are some of my favorite quotes that got my mind turning:

“Humans in our present form have been around for 70,000 years, biological life has been around for 2 billion years, and we’re now within 100 years of the transition to digital life.”

“There is some sense in which, we are the end of the line for biological life, and we are the boot-loader for digital life, and this is an unbelievable crazy thing.”

“AI is one of the most important events to happen in the history of humanity and I don’t think enough people are working on it”

“This could go really well — I hope it does — or it could go really badly. But in any case, this is something that should be owned by humanity as a whole. We are basically going to build our dependence. That has never happened before to a species. But I don’t think that a single group or company should control this technology because a) there are ethical problems with that, and b) it’s super dangerous.” (which is why Y Combinator Research are trying to build the technology and distribute it very widely and give it to everybody for free)

I don’t expect the general public to agree or believe most of these claims. They are incredibly wild to even think about. It’s a bit uncomfortable and awkward to even talk about it. But, as Sam says, it may just be the most important thing in the world right now.

I do not know exactly when we will see this shift in digital life. But I believe it’s inevitable.

If you are interested in artificial intelligence or, more broadly, the future of the world, I’d really recommend watching this video about the future of Artificial Intelligence with Sam Altman. (Skip to about the 20 ish minute for the good stuff).