How I find anyone’s email address

Over the years of daily blogging, I have written numerous times about the power of sending cold emails. Meeting new people has been one of, if not the, biggest accelerants of my “career.” By now, I have sent thousands of emails to new people. 

And I’m often asked by others “how do I find people’s email addresses?”

Here is how! 

  1. I try contact out. It is a chrome extension that scrapes linkedin and has pretty great results. 

2. I go on twitter and type in the search bar from:@username email me

This queries a users profile for anytime they have ever tweeted their email address. 

3. I’ll check their personal website or linkedin or blog or anything like that. 

4. I’ll try or any of the other email address lookups 

5. I’ll ask around to friends who may know the person. 

That is really it. I’d bet through those 5 steps 95% of the time you can get someone’s email address.

Hopefully this helps 🙂 

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