How to Avoid Writer’s Block

TL;DR Read as much as you can

How to Avoid Writer’s BlockTL;DR Read as much as you can

TL;DR Read as much as you can

Over the past two months, I have pumped out a blog post every single day. One of the questions I get a lot is how to avoid writer’s block. A blocker for a lot people is the thought of having to come up with unique content every single day.

The remedy to writer’s block is simple: consume as much content as you can.

The more that you read/watch/listen to the more ideas come into your mind.

In 2016, there are no excuses.

I listen to a lot of different podcasts that often give me great insight into the way big founders make decisions. Then I internalize their lessons into my own life and see how I can implement them.

I read a lot on twitter (yes, poor news source) and participate in the community there. I see people doing really cool things and that inspires me to come up with new ideas.

I read a lot of business books — Zero to One, Lean Startup, Guerrilla Marketing, etc. — the list goes on. These are great for understanding really important concepts that apply, in longevity, to the business world.

I watch a lot of youtube and trending stories. These are great for staying up to date with all things tech and they are fun to watch!

Now I don’t watch TV really or have a Netflix account, but those are also two sources of media that a lot of people choose to consume. I would say those forms of entertainment are less thought-conducive — meaning they don’t really spark new ideas (at least for me). That is why I try to spend my time consuming things that accelerate my learning. In the long run, plugging into learning is the best investment.

On another note — don’t get too consumed with media. It will make you lazy and passive 🙂

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