I went to a Public High School and it was Awesome

People love to hate things.

People love to hate things.

Woah. That is a weird statement. But it is true. People are attracted to drama and they like to blame other people for things. It’s kind of uncomfortable, but it is the reality.

And a lot of kids and ex-students (ADULTS) seem to complain about education and the terribleness of homework and tests and…TEACHERS. The system is broken. Tests are unfair. Homework sucks. Did I mention tests suck? And the teachers don’t care?

I want to provide the contrarian opinion…I went to public school and I really liked it. Let me say that again, I liked school. Nerd? Eh, maybe.

I went to a good public school. I think it was really good, so maybe this is why I don’t identify with all of the complaints. So I am not telling people to not try and fix the system if it is broken, I just want to say thank you to the people that helped make my years great, because that counts for something for me.

Again I should qualify, I went to school in Arizona — a state with the 49th worst ranking for funding?!? But again, I think my high school was an outlier.

Anyways…A couple things I loved out of school:

  • I was really involved in extra-curricular, interdisciplinary activities (BUZZWORDS). I got to join a bunch of clubs (like every other kid) and did some cool things. I even got to start a business. I was involved in sports. Eh, life was pretty good overall.
  • I got to meet a lot of different people. And, a reflection moment, practiced my communication skills all the time. (Super valuable).
  • Mentors — My teachers, though I do not think all of them liked me, actually taught me a lot. Not even about particular subjects (which they did), but more about life. About committing to doing something for a long period of time even if the pay is not great. Why? Because they care. More than students, parents, and I used to think.

Anyways: stick up for schools! I liked it.

Again , some may need some change, I am just rooting that more people have my experience.