Ideas are cheap


Ideas are cheapEZ


Ideas are cheap

The biggest stagnating factor in “innovation” is lack of execution.

Everyone gets so worked up about the idea, the logo, the color scheme, the quality of the tee shirt — that they forget to focus on the most crucial part!

Ideas are good, but not great. You don’t build an incredible company off of just an idea. You have to take that idea and turn it into something real. Tons of people forget that part.

You probably have that one friend (I know I do) who comes up with the best thing since sliced bread what seems like every other week. Ask them for a progress update…they will say they just need a coder to build it. Ok. Yeah.

It is great that people are thinking of ideas, I just really really wish that they executed on them. Execution is everything. Because that is how you learn, how you grow, how you struggle, and how you find your passion — by executing.

Go out and find something that you can execute on. If you are building a company, build the smallest version of that company that you can ship this week. If you are trying to get a six pack, go to the gym TODAY.

The point I am trying to make is that there is no reason to wait. In fact, waiting is counter-intuitive to what you want to do.

And trust me, the idea (can be good or bad) but if you hustle you will get there.

Use me as an example.

I found the best way for me to force myself to execute everyday was in the form of a blog post. And so, I write a post every single day.

Now, most of the ideas that I am trying to write about are not revolutionary. I am an 18 year old college student — I did not discover gravity (yet). So why in the world do people read what I am writing about (good question)?

Well I’d bet one of the reasons is that I have been persistent and consistent.

And the same goes for building a company or going to the gym — if you execute you will get results. It is the most proven formula for making something happen — start now and get it done!

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