Why I Don’t Edit What I Write

There Their They’re

Why I Don’t Edit What I WriteThere Their They’re

There Their They’re

You have probably noticed an error or two (or three) in some of my daily blog posts over the last 2 months.

“Jordan, if you just spent an extra 10 minutes re-reading”

Yeah. I know. I could spend the extra time to clean it up. I could also build my own website and make the images look prettier and use a custom theme.

But that is not the point. Those are all distractions.

These distractions do one thing: prevent me from executing. They slow me down and give me a reason not to do what I am passionate about and that is publishing. I am obsessed with pushing out things for people to see.

And, for this blog, I want people to see, in raw form, my thoughts about the future and lessons I have learned from the past.

ANYTHING that distracts me from doing that — should be trimmed.

And that is why I love Medium — it allows me to mainly focus on what I like to do: and that is write. But even Medium could be better — I still have to worry about so many little things.

Like scheduling my posts, “tagging” them with the proper tags, sharing the story to social media…All of these things take time away from the fun part about blogging.

Anyways, I wanted to make this so that the eh amount of people reading these everyday would have a warning. I know how to spell…it just takes away from what I love to do 🙂

Woah. You read the whole thing! Thank you so much. I’d really appreciate if you shared this with a friend!

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