It's not a career interest

As the career search has heated up this past semester for many of my friends (myself included), it is interesting to notice how everyone perceives and crafts a "career plan." 

"Tech" is not an industry. 

I feel like saying I am interested in tech sounds silly. 

At often goes like this. 

People will say they are interested in consulting. They are interested in banking. 

These are jobs? Or fields? 

And then the school groups people who are interested in "tech." 

But what does that even mean? How can we even compare the two? 

There are infinite things to do in "tech." You can do consulting "in tech." You can do banking (like functions) "in tech."

There are internet companies that do everything - in every field - in every way.


We group them into the class of "tech." 

While it is semantics, I think it definitely does have tangible effects on how people view and choose careers. By grouping tech into one thing, it over simplifies the massive amount of opportunity there. 

As a result, people discount it quickly without even thinking about the opportunities. 

Schools should change this.