On Being Different

On Being Different

We are told growing up that we are all special snowflakes. That we all possess extremely unique and individualistic qualities that no one else has.

Is that really true? Probably yes. There are things about you that only you have.

And that is the awesome part! If you can figure out what is unique about you, you can use that to your advantage and do things differently. In business, that means you can really excel.

But does that matter? Does it matter that we are all slightly different?

Even though we have our differences, most of us end up the same. Many of us “want” to be outliers and be different. But the harsh reality is that Most People Won’t ( by Bryce ).

Most people want to be fit, most people aren’t.

Most people want to build a successful business, most people won’t.

Most people want to be the best version of themselves, most people aren’t.

Most people have dreams they want to fulfill, most people won’t.

Very rarely, if ever, do we take leaps of faith. Do we call upon the extraordinary to chase our dreams. And that is why most of us end up the same.

Now I am not saying that you have to be an outlier to be successful. You do not have to be an outlier to be happy.

But to succeed in the fast paced world of tech, you need to do something different. You cannot take the conventional path and expect to be “great” at whatever is you want to do. It takes courage. It takes determination. And there will be times where it looks like everything is going to shit.

It is at that moment, where great leaders and successful people separate themselves from the pack. During a time where everyone is bound to fail (and that is okay) — outliers stand up and do something. Bryce goes on to say that:

…every once in a while someone puts themselves out there. Makes the leap. Faces rejection or failure or worse. And comes out the other side. Better. Changed. Bolder.

Most people won’t. Which means those that do change everything.

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