People are becoming brands

I read this tweet the other day that I found quite interesting. It went along the lines of "brands are becoming people and people are becoming brands."

I find this to be true. People want to be influential. They want followers. They want a professional looking account. 

And brands want to be friends with their customers. They want to fit in. They want to have casual conversations. 

Where does this merge leave us?

I think we will continue to see these two come together until one of two things happen:

1 - As many people have recently talked about - social and media will split. We will have social circles and we will have media circles but they will not overlap. There are many interesting questions to explore in that world. Will brands have accounts on "social" platforms? If not, who will? A close group of friends? Is that what people crave? 

2 - This scenario is just following the same pattern as is current, where brands continue to live on platforms that we also interact with friends on. There are many organizational / operational challenges with this setup. Should native content live next to promoted content? Which is fair?

Anyways, this is just an interesting thing to think about. 

I am curious which will happen :)