I look back on the past few weeks and hardly any memories stick out. I blink and am transported to a new location. Everything has blurred together. What does this mean?

A month ago, I had just returned from India. A year ago, I was in Hong Kong. And today, well, I am sitting in St. Louis, where just yesterday it was 60 degrees and now it is snowing and below freezing.

The last few weeks have been rather routine: wake up, read, work, eat, work, read, eat, work, fun, sleep. I do not see people enough because I now eat at home. And fun – a very important category – has not been emphasized enough.

Life blurs together when I fall into routine because the days gradually become weeks and sooner or later I recognize time.

Hence I need planned spontaneity – a paradox in itself – to break things up. I tend to focus on the week-long sprint. How do I make this week as epic as possible? Not this month. Not this year. This week. In fact, just today. How do I win today?

That is my mindset!

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