Rooting for a Renaissance

As I look to the next fifty years, I cannot help but, perhaps optimistically?, imagine a revitalized future. I do not dismiss the various doomsday scenarios of innovation or abandonment of the environment. These are vital to the existence of humanity, and markets or governments must make incentivize the world to “fix itself.” I think those are incredibly important and must be priorities as of ten years ago. 

One thing, though, I have been thinking more and more about is just how much I appreciate art. Really, artists. I never grew up this way. I rarely listened to music as a kid. But now…really in the past few years…music and artists have become a fundamental component of my daily life. 

What I really admire, as I have written about now dozens of times, is true craft. I admire ego…I admire yang. I admire people who not only have a  strong, unique point of view, which is actually really rare, but also those same people who put it to work.

They speak it…rap it..draw it, sing it, paint it, build it into existence.

I am rooting for a renaissance era. I am rooting for a period where society properly incentives and compensates the lost creators of our world.


Those places are a start.

But I want to live in a world that truly recognizes and compensates artists. 

Let’s have more types of art. Let’s open our mind to new things. Let’s have a dialogue about it.

I care a lot about technology and I think one outcome of the future is that we build every citizen of the world an ironman suit that enables them to stop doing “inhumane shit.” Let’s give people their time back to become creators…artists…singers…

I’d like to think that given time, we are more than potatoes. We are more than vegetables. 

We have ideas. We have opinions. We have discussions.

We are more than just hypnotized animals who stare at screens. We are better than that (I think). 

So I will continue to root for a renaissance period while we duke out today’s biggest competitive battles.

The thing about art is that it is all contextual and about perspective. In fact, I think art opens up perspectives. I think that art is the bridge. It is not art versus science, at least in my mind. 

Science is art.

Empowering people to express themselves is art. Let’s build an infrastructure that supports that! 

A long shot…but I think the key may be a virtual reality world – where everyone lives and breathes in VR. That essay is for another time.