Square Pegs

Am I a square peg being squeezed into a round hole? Would I better off searching for a better fitting square hole? Or would I be better off adapting to become more round? This is an existential question that many of us try to tackle from a very young age. 

Literally in elementary school, we are taught about social dynamics and treating others with respect and making friends. These are critical lessons, a true experiment of the survival of the fittest, that massively dictate our futures. 

Yet some of us never fit in. Many of us, really. We do not get picked for the kickball team. We do not fit at the lunch table. We are bad public speakers. We are sloppy eaters. We talk too quietly..or too loudly. We walk slow. We smile crooked. 

We are squares in a round world. 

No matter how hard we try…no matter how hard we think optimistically or believe…we fall. We do not fit. We feel like rejects…aliens..not built for this planet. 

Where do we belong? 

If not here…where?

If not taking exams and sitting in lectures..then where? If not accepting societal norms..then what planet? What society? What time period? 

What does society do with the square pegs? 

In an economy built for conformation, how do we become individuals?

This is perhaps the question of the generation. Are we a collective, chained by the internet, or are we individuals, empowered to be the best versions of ourselves via the digital world.