Power Hour

I have written about this before – but one helpful concept that I have used while traveling across Asia is the time management framework of the “power hour.”

It is not rocket science. But effectively what I do is try to ensure I get at least one – solid – distraction-free hour of work in each and every day.

Throughout the day, if I have worries or fears I simply write them down. During the power hour I go back to them and knock them out.

This system allows me to focus on living in the present while providing me an outlet to ensure I get what I want to done later in the day. I think this framework lets me avoid stressing while I am out enjoying and avoid wasting time when I am actually trying to get work done.

I have always been amazed by how much you can get done by just focusing for one hour. This is true if you are working on yourself (at the gym) or building something or really anything.