Repeating Ideas

As I am now nearly 800 days into my daily blogging journey, I often get the question of “how do I come up with what to write about.” This post is not about that. Rather, I tackle another common topic: do you ever write about the same thing?

For some reason, I think, people have this misconception that you cannot write about a similar topic multiple times. Or rather, they want to see if I am publishing a unique thought each and every time.

Most of my blog posts are exploring different ideas and unique areas of my mind.

But often times, I revisit old topics and give my new take on them. Or, I re-explain a concept that I failed to understand thoroughly in the past. Or, I remind myself of the importance of a certain topic.

So the answer is yes – sometimes I repeat ideas. I find this to be valuable.

It is interesting to look back on all of my writings and see the ebb and flow of my ideas. I love seeing things that I wrote, say, 2 years ago to this day…that I now fundamentally and completely disagree with.

Conversely, I love seeing things I still believe to this day.