Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars

The future of self driving cars is getting more and more exciting.

Inevitably, they will be here. Right? Unless legislation occludes progress on that front.

Anyways, I found this really cool “self driving car simulation,” check it out:

Self-driving cars in the browser | Jan Hünermann
The agents learn by adjusting the weights of their neural network (function approximators). In this case, this involves…

It is super cool playing around with it. Makes you think about just how advanced technology is getting.

But, to some folks, it does not even matter. To some people, no matter what, they will never step inside a car without a human driver. We feel so comfortable today sitting inside of a car so long as there is a human driving.

When will that feeling not be the norm? When will it be the opposite? When will we begin to trust computers so much as our drivers that seeing a human driver actually poses a bigger threat?

It is those questions, of course without direct answers, that fascinate me. A lot of the time, tech people forget to ask those questions.

They build all of this awesome stuff — woohoo — but they forget about the people. The ones who will actually use it.

We have to remember that change is hard. As a product of biology, it is really hard to adapt. And we are accelerating at the fastest pace in history — life is changing super quickly.

We have to be constantly asking ourselves — are we changing for the better or for the worse? And for each person, that answer is different.

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