Short Decision Span

Understanding Generation Z is becoming more and more important to marketers and brands as they try and reach new customers.

We have all seen the statistic thrown around that millennials and especially generation z has an extremely low attention span. “About 8 seconds,” that is how you long to get your customer.

I think that statistic is a bit misleading and shows Gen Z the wrong way. In fact, I think it could be the opposite. I think Gen Z will give a ton of attention to things they actually care about and are interested in.

The problem is that most ads and poor content is not worth more than 8 seconds.

We (gen z) do not have a necessarily short attention span; we have a short decision span.

As a brand/marketer, you have about 8 seconds to convince your audience that your piece of content is worth the time of your audience. If, and only if, you can do that – then you can win over a very compelling consumer.

What do that mean for marketers? 

You have to pack a punch, early on in your ad or branded content. You have to show Gen Z that this information is valuable to them and worth their while.

Wait, before you go on and put click bait everywhere, understand this:

Poor content will only see results in the short term. 

You need to invest in high quality content if you want to cultivate relationships with Gen Z. And those are valuable. You need to be able to differentiate your brand with content that actually engages this community, otherwise they will have no brand loyalty and your brand will be one of the many they may interact with.