So Many Distractions

“Startup culture” is really distracting. I have been realizing that more and more lately. All the nerf, ping pong tables, etc. ~ what are they really good for?

Diving too deep into “startup culture” will ruin you. You’ll become too obsessed with a bunch of “things” that are really just distractions.

The purpose of building a company, in my mind, is to solve an important problem and build a part of the future.

That is a bit romantic, but honestly, pretty much everything outside of that realm is a distraction. Do ping pong tables and expensive startup dinners contribute? Probably not.

They are probably fun ~ which is indeed valuable ~ but we have to say that they really are distractions.

Press is often a distraction. Who cares if you got an article out on some famous news site? Does that make your product better? No.

Just been thinking a lot lately about these distractions, very easy to get washed into this bubble. In my mind, this world is full of distractions. Let’s stop arguing over snapchat bot locations or how blah blah blah is taking over the world, and let’s start doing more awesome things that will help people.

I get it, it’s fun. People are going to continue living in this space because it is fun. I just do not think it is best for me & I do not think that this culture will last forever.