Fiction Written by Computers

The future will be interesting. I’m really interested, specifically, by how we as a society will leverage modern technologies to, in theory, improve our own lives.

The biggest and most interesting dilemma is the psychology of our future. Are we comfortable being replaced by AI? Can we be? Do we have an innate desire to work regardless of the money?

Well. It’s a tough question. I do not think there is any easy variation of an answer. Some will tell you that we are screwed, others saved.

Regardless, there are some exciting things happening in the space.

Check out this site. It houses fictional stories written by the neural net. Are we comfortable reading something like this? What if, inevitably, all of our stories are written by this computer? What if all of our paintings are painted by a computer?

What happens to work? What happens to having skills? Differentiation?

TONS OF QUESTIONS. Someone is working on them. I hope.