Start Off By Making Your Bed

I was watching this “inspirational Youtube video” the other day and took away an interesting message.

The speaker, a veteran and former navy seal, says that if you want to change the world, you should start off by making your bed. Here is the full video:

While this is clearly an oversimplified version of how to make a significant impact, the implication is as follows:

By making your bed each and ever day, you ensure that you are accomplishing at least one thing every single day.

I actually find this to be very important and helpful in my own life. While I do not make my bed every day, I do publish a blog post each and every morning. Much like making my bed, this exercise ensures that I simulate the feeling of accomplishment on a daily basis. More than that, though, hitting publish gives me energy. Accomplishment gives me energy and momentum such that I can continue with the rest of my day inspired to do more.

Whether it is writing or going to the gym or making your bed, I think building in a routine that you can execute upon each and every day is a critical way to increase productivity and overall happiness. Finding that “thing” – it can be whatever you want really – may take time and you may fail over and over until you find the “thing” that sticks.

But once you do, hold it close to you and execute on it.