Sticking to WordPress and Giving Up on Medium

Over the years, I have bounced around from blogging platform to blogging platform trying to find the one that will stick. I tried WordPress then Medium then Posthaven then (now) back to WordPress.

No platform is perfect for my particular use case. I need something lightweight and optimized for ease of utilization. All I really care about is consistency and simplicity. Everything else is bells and whistles.

My current setup has been to publish on this wordpress blog and have that automatically republished onto my medium account.

That was working fine, for a while, but the plugin that enabled me to automatically publish between platforms just stopped working.

So now…3 years later…I am giving up on using Medium as a channel for my daily essays. They have made it too hard! I will still publish my longer pieces there and maybe some travel notes. But I am going to stick to my trusty wordpress blog for most of the action.

Will see how long this lasts!