Underratedly Hard

I think that one of the most underratedly impactful aspects of life is parenthood. Being a parent is such a unique circumstance. You play such an incredibly large role in another person’s life. It is an irrational role that no one is really “prepared for.” And, while some people get help from other family members, at the end of the day, it is you who produced this child and have to take care of “it.”

I am not a parent (though one day). But I can only imagine that it is hard. Surely I was a terrible kid to look after. Nonetheless, had to get the job done!

I think in hindsight we will look at parenting completely different to how we see it today. I was lucky enough to have an awesome childhood (from my standards) but I think that view will completely change in the future.

I think we are doing most things wrong today and that there will be far better ways to care for our kids. Definitely want to think more about how that will look and then of course how we will get there faster!