Thoughts about end goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about my end goal. What am I doing here?

Thoughts about end goalsI’ve been thinking a lot about my end goal. What am I doing here?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my end goal. What am I doing here?

The simple answer to this question is that I am doing everything I can to best figure out myself and see what makes me happiest. A couple of things I have learned and hypothesized during this process:

  1. Most people never gain self-awareness: I think that most people never think about their full potential. Why? Because it is really hard and not a priority for most. It is really easy to settle before you truly understand what will make you happiest. This is a paradoxical statement. Because the truth is that rarely is there a singular thing that makes you happiest. But rather, it’s evolving. And most jobs/careers do not evolve with your interests. Kind of like traps. So most people end up doing things that optimize for convenience, money, or interests. But interests are rarely forever so how the hell do you deal with that.
  2. Another thought of mine is that I am beginning to figure what buckets constitute my life. A lot of different things make me happy, the question is how do I assemble them in such a way, that is evergreen (aka future-proof) so that I can put myself in an environment to evolve and grow? This begs some questions…starting with which setting I should be in? College may be the best place to figure that out. But there is a lot of merit to learning by living in the real world (aka what I am doing now) and things are piecing together. Now that I’ve figured out what is making me happiest (and the opposite) I must find and optimize my life to:
  • have a lot of fun
  • talk to super interesting people
  • solve the hardest problems
  • and, wait for it, change the world.

“Great goals kiddo”

The deepest thought in this reflection is that our lives are a combination of so many different things. Yet many people don’t know their priorities or, ironically, don’t prioritize them, and never get to do what they love.

And frankly, that sucks and I won’t let it happen to me.

I’ve got big goals. Just wait.

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By jordangonen on July 9, 2016.

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