You Have So Much Time, they all say

Trying to Figure It Out

Trying to Figure It Out

As I’ve been talking with a lot of different people lately, I’ve received some great advice. But one part of the equation that I struggle to figure out is the tid-bit that I often hear about “how much time I have” to worry about work, business,tech, etc.


Why should I wait?

Maybe I should wait.

But maybe I shouldn’t.

This complex is confusing. Is there something later in life when you reach a certain age that you just get stuck with. Perhaps its a 401k or something…maybe I should try to defer that for as long as possible.

But, I’m thinking out loud here, why the hell should I wait?

I think a better, more conservative, socially acceptable way to pose this question would be to ask — why shouldn’t I wait? And from there…get to digging and find some answers.

And the truth is that I really don’t have a need so big to rush through college. I just have a gut feeling that I am missing out on something. FOMO.

And the consensus I have come to is this — college is a unique time that you will never get for the rest of your life. It is perhaps the only time you will be in a place where everyone is working for the purpose of learning. Optimize for learning, right? Now learning in college may not be the fastest or the best way to learn — but it’s unique and special. And that is easy to take for granted. So rather than rush through it, I can make the most of it — and learn things or two.

At the same time I will continue to provide value to companies and learn things.

There is nothing bad-ass about dropping out of school early. That fad is over. Dropping out is something you do if you have a compelling reason to leave. I think you leave if you cannot afford to not leave.

Anyways — thoughts for the day.