Top Travel Writer on Medium?

Over the past few months, I have published several essays on the topic of travels and adventuring. I basically share stories and insights from my trips circling the globe, and, while I am no professional travel blogger by any means, it has been very valuable for me to synthesize my learnings and form some sort of grounded opinion of my own experiences.

You can read the collection of these essays in a medium publication I created a bit back called Giant Leaps. You will find posts covering trips across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Anyways, one spark for writing this essay was that I randomly saw I became one of Medium’s top writers under the travel topic. Again, I know I am no professional writer, nor have any clue what this listing is supposed to mean, but thought it was interesting signal such that the more you write! the more you have the opportunity to interact with other interested and curious people.

I have no clue how this “naming” is created, as I have been top in other categories before. I am no professional or noteworthy writer, and I do write for myself, but every so often makes me smile to know I am reaching lots of similar minded people.

Also published on Medium.