What do you value most ?

What do you value most? For me, the answer is simple: time.

Time is everything and without it, we are nothing. How we spend our time dictates pretty much everything. We can work hard and become really successful professionally. We can go out a lot and have a ton of fun. We can travel the world and see a lot of different things.

There is no “right way” to spend your time. Ideally, you’d spend it in the way that gets you closest to whatever your goal is.

Anyways, as the new year is approaching, a lot of us become more and more conscious of our time. We get time off from work and school during this part of the year so we can spend our hours the way we want to.

Once the new year turns, everyone shifts from “leisure mode” to full out “I am going to kill my new years resolution this year.”

We want to be productive and make the most out of 2017. While those generally last for like what, 2 weeks, we all still think that somehow we can make 2017 different. We read all these blog posts, set all of these different goals, and do whatever it takes to become more “productive.”

What if I told you a lot of that was for nothing.

Read this interesting article about time management. It is a super interesting read about how we define productivity and what it really means.

Let me know your thoughts on it!