Solitude and Leadership

Who are the best leaders? What do they do differently that distinguishes them from the rest of the world?

Does it come from within? Can you learn to be a good leader? There are so many questions surrounding this topic, and so many people will give you completely different answers.

Nonetheless, it is an especially important question for the sake of the future. The next generation of leaders will need to lead us through some important times, as they direct the future, right?

I’ve always wondered…what does leadership really consist of? What mix of talent or instincts makes a good leader? Are they the loudest in the room? Are they the quietest?

Different people have different definitions as to who a leader is. Some would say that a Managing Partner at an investment bank is a true leader. Others would say an Army General. Others would say the Captain of the basketball team.

But I’d say that being at the top is not what it means to be a leader. Leaders can “lead” from anywhere. That is what makes someone a true leader.

This article does a better job of diving into this than I do, talking about what it really means to be a true leader.