What’s Next — Blockchain, Scaling, and Drones

Question of the week: “What is true but not obvious?”

Question of the week: “What is true but not obvious?”


Articles to Read.

The best podcast I have ever listened to on Reading, Decision Making, Habits, Honesty, and More. (transcript)

Blockchain — The New Technology of Trust, by Goldman Sachs

What You Read Matters

Scaling Ethereum to Billions of Users — What will hold us back?

Interested in building / starting companies? -> The VentureHacks Bible

Habits vs Goals…which are more important?

Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance Still Captivates Searchers 80+ Years Later

Is your mind a river or a lake?

The Guy Who Invented the iPad 10 years too early

Gloves that Allow you to Play Piano in VR

Everything you need to know about AR

BONUS — VR Video of a Wooden Bull

Companies to Watch.

The Drone Racing League — I bet this will be huge and very exciting within 2 years.

Eero — Home Wifi

Have you ever built anything? If so, what? If not, why not?

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My Update:

– Ups and downs. Still moving forward.

– More and more interested in Product Management — know anyone in the space at a big company that would be good to talk to?

– Happy 4th of July

Blade Signatures nearly at 2k users