What’s Next — Training AI, Connect to Wifi

What’s Next — Training AI, Connect to Wifi

Hey again 👋🏻 Hope you had a great weekend. Cannot believe it is already the middle of March. Time is flying! Hope you are making it count.

3/20 — What’s Next

Articles to Read.

This is the best thing I have read/listened to in a while: “Breaking the Habit of Uncontrolled Thinking”. Seriously so much gold in this about life, building companies, and the future.

Training artificial intelligence to communicate. Open AI has done some amazing things, this looks to be one of them. It begins: bots are learning to chat in their own language.

Ben Thompson from Stratechery shares his perspective on Fake News. Rather interesting.

In 500ish words, Siegler shares his thoughts on “Messenger day” — Facebook’s latest integration of stories. He uses this great quote from Jurassic Park:

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should”

In case you missed it. Stories are taking over the world (check out my latest project at bottom of this email). They are no longer a feature, they are a medium of communication. Snapchat has them. Instagram’s are growing really fast. Messenger launched them. There are also Facebook stories. Whatsapp stories. This funny encounter happened between Snapchat and FB. The list goes on and on.

Q: Will the newsfeed be replaced by a stream of stories?

Steven Sinofsky from a16z shares his thoughts on his new electric car. This is a post for people who might still doubt that electric drive-trains are the future of transportation.

Is there such thing as too many collaboration platforms? There is Slack, Facebook’s Workplace, Box, Asana, the list goes on and on. Beware of collaboration tool overload.

Here are the 100 most popular programming languages this year. How do you think this list has changed over the years? More importantly, how will it change in the future? BONUS VIDEO — DO WHAT YOU CANT

Products & Companies to Watch.

Rippling — One click onboarding and firing, launched by controversial former CEO of Zenefits. Bigscreen — An immersive, social VR experience.

Neurotrack: “Imagine if we could diagnose Alzheimer’s ten years before patients experienced memory loss. That’s what we’re building.”

Source Wifi — Connect to Wifi anywhere. Started by my friend Dillon (dropout of UPenn) and his awesome team. Expect big things here.

Remote Year — A program that allows you to travel the world while working remotely.Thanks for reading 🙇🏻

Once again, thanks so much for reading. Hope you found a thing or two that may seem interesting. If you have any feedback, just hit REPLY — I’ll respond 🙂

A few updates from me: — Working on a new project called Storyheap — check it out! — I am giving a talk this week on “accelerating your career.” Have not made it yet, but probably should. Hope to provide value for people! — Being back home for Spring Break was great. Made me think more about what is really important in life. #breakbubbles

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