No Obligations

One idea I have been playing around with in my head (mainly as I have been wandering around random cities in Asia) is this idea that there are very very few things in life that we really *have to do.* While this is a very simple idea, I think it is actually quite powerful in that...for a lot of my life...I was at least under the assumption that there were certain things that I *must* do in order to live a fulfilled life or whatever that means. …continue reading →

A Universal Language

Another abstract, yet important idea that I have been thinking more about while traveling across the world has been the development of language. Specifically, how much friction in economic/social/political progress is there because of the lack of a universal language? …continue reading →

Sharing podcasts

Though I am really excited about the podcast industry - and listens to dozens of hours of podcasts each and every week - I am struggling to figure out the social solution to this space. …continue reading →


One thing I have been doing more and more often is exposing myself to viewpoints that are the polar opposite of my existing beliefs. While challenging, and often a hit to my personal ego, I find this exercise to be immensely valuable for a number of reasons. …continue reading →

Mainstream gaming

One trend I have been watching (somewhat) closely over the past 6-12 months has been the meteoric rise of e-sports onto the main-stage. While I am certainly no expert on the industry, nor am I an avid e-sports gamer myself, I am a big believer in the long term success of the genre. …continue reading →

Building Heaven

This may sound like a dumb/naive/foolish idea today (2018), but I think humans will build heaven soon enough. My friend and I were talking about this thought the other day... …continue reading →