Researching Prefabrication

Every so often, I get really obsessed with certain problem-areas and types of content.

One area I have been and currently am super excited about is the idea of city building. I have written about this before – but I believe that in the inevitable future, on an infinite time horizon, cities will be reimagined using technology.

Being in Asia, it has been really interesting to see the culture around buildings and construction. Buildings here shoot up fast. Really fast.

I am about to do a really deep dive on construction prefabrication and really the entire building process. I think that there are so many inefficiencies in how we currently build things, coupled with costly and friction-ful human error. Surely we can use technology (3d printing, automation) to access economies of scale and provide more efficient practices for builders and contractors.

I am going to be putting together a super long quip document with my thoughts / findings. But perhaps there is a massive business to be built here?