I have always been someone who prefers to go do something than to sit around. 

I actually have trouble sitting still for long periods of time. I enjoy going out to do things and creating memories.

The interesting thing that I am learning about myself is that I would actually prefer to go out and do something hysterically bad, like in an awful situation, than to do nothing. 

I rather make a memory, good or bad, than do something I will never remember in 10 years - which, for me, is sitting around.

I get energy by doing. 

When I have nothing really exciting going on in my day - that is when I get tired.

So I try and find exciting things to inject into my daily schedule...

The easiest and most prevalent one being this daily blog that I publish each and every single day. I generally write in the morning, which essentially starts my day off with some action.

But it is not enough to get me through the day.

So I try and do whatever I can to build in systems that give me energy and get me excited.

They can be little things - like phone calls to friends or going out to eat - or even bigger things - like planning trips and events. 

But these "things" are lots of what I look forward to. 

Others look forward to different things, and I completely respect that. 

Learning about myself has been invaluable and is bound to change the way I view the world, structure my days, and make decisions.