I've always found it really valuable to have that one friend who challenges you, when the time is right, on the way you think and the things you do. 

I think that we do not have enough of that in this world: people who are willing to go against the societal norm and ask bluntly honest and direct questions. We actually condition people not to think and act like that because it is considered "tone deaf" and "rude." 

Manners do matter. Your tone does matter. 

But, to me at least, it is the content and intent that matters far more. 

It is often challenging to separate the tone from the content - that is why it is easy to offend others when you use very direct language. 

Navigating the social "rights and wrongs" can be challenging but we should not be discouraged from trying to help others. And in this case, in my opinion, there is a whole generation of people that need help thinking. They need to be challenged.

We need to be challenged.