An Analysis of Tipping Points

The “Cool” Factor

An Analysis of Tipping PointsThe “Cool” Factor

The “Cool” Factor

Successful Social Media Platforms

I wanted an answer to a question…

What makes one application go viral while thousands of others sit in the shadows?

Why is it that some platforms are addictively used by millions (in Facebook’s case 1b+) and others fail completely? Why is there no in between ground? Can a social media company be kinda successful?

These questions all fascinated me. And the answer that most fulfills my inquiry has to do with something I call a site’s “cool factor.” (nice name Jordan, brilliant).

The cool factor is a product of the people that use the site. It depends on the demographic of users, timing, and a variety of other characteristics of the types of people on the site. As Malcolm Gladwell calls them…Mavens, Connectors, and Salesmen make up the different types of customers in the world.

Mavens are the people that change the world with information. They know everything about the little things. They are the engineers and mechanics of this world. They love systems and work within them.

Connectors change the world by knowing people. They are extroverts that share ideas and opinions even if no one else is asking for them. They connect people not because they have to but because it is in their DNA.

Lastly, there are salespeople — who change the world with “salesmanship” — aka persuasion. They are incredible at pitching concepts and ideas.

You need a combination of these customers — a winning formula — to build a positive growth company.

Now social media companies are special. They are driven by the demands of youth.

When building a company, normally you must target a specific niche before expanding globally. Nike targeted serious runners. But in social media, you must target a specific niche that is also YOUNG.

I truly believe that in order to achieve this huge multiple billion dollar companies you NEED the voices of the youth in order to grow.

…But why is that ? They have the least purchasing power. Something I need to think about.

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