Creation of Ideologies

This essay is not about “religious” beliefs (Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, etc.). It is not a political argument. Rather, these thoughts explore the notion of “what is a religion?” in the first place?

I think, in the modern world, we are too confining with our thoughts about religion. Traditionalist religions are only one type of religion. There are far broader implications for what the “worship of an ideology” can mean.

Understanding this nuance, really driven home by Yuval Harari in Sapiens, leads me to a new world of thinking. We create religions every day – some more sticky than others.

Culture is a religion. We all believe in things and ideologies. We worship capitalism. Democracy. Education. Science. Some are irrational. Others are scientific.

Great companies create religions around their cause. People worship vigorously. They show up to work every day – literally dedicating their life to a mission. The corporation is a vehicle for religion-creation. And it is immensely powerful. Productive religions do great things for the world – touching millions and sometimes billions of people.

Religions inspires people to seemingly irrational lengths. 

This is what great companies are able to capture – fire. Fever. Spirit. Passion.

And it all stems from an original spirit. A belief in the future of some mission.

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