Artists Being Artists

In addition to building things myself, I really enjoy watching creative people create (and harness their craft). I particularly love watching raw and inspired artists enter a flow state and exude energy.

Interestingly, over the past few years I have become more and more interested in music. I grew up definitely not a music person. But now, I find it to be an integral part of my existence.

I like listening to a wide variety of music. I like good music (what is popular) but also “bad music” (what most people would not like). It is in this bad music that I also enjoy finding artists. These creators do not fit the typical renaissance build. They are different often not because they have a natural talent – like an amazing voice – but rather because they do not. They create with what they have.

Kanye is a great example of this.

His voice is not very good.

But when he enters a flow state, nothing else matters. It is him, the artist, creating natural raw energy.

I hope that in the future we have more artists and less assembly line workers.