There Is Never Enough Time

I saw this quote the other day that I really liked…it reads something to the magnitude of “you will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

Everyone is busy. So so busy. The reality, though, is that we all have 24 hours that repeats on a quasi-infinite loop. We should be sleeping for 8 of those, so we really only have 16 hours to accomplish whatever it is that we want to in a given day.

There will never be enough time. Ever. Time is both finite and infinite. We can spend it however we like and it often feels endless. But we blink and are reminded of the tragedies…the brevity.

We choose our own adventures and live with the consequences. I repeat that everyone is busy and that it is all judged on a relative scale.

Yes…Homework and social lives and family stuff and health and getting a job – these things are really stressful. It is really hard, especially in the moment, to decide how and when to prioritize time.

But is it possible?

It is harder than planning Apollo 8?

Is it harder than inventing personal computing?

Hiking Everest?

Everyone has their own battles and it is not right for me to compare them from afar. I know life is really hard. Perhaps it is supposed to be? The point I am trying to make is that you will likely never have the time to make really hard decisions. You must prioritize them if you want to tackle them.