This essay is another one of those rants berating the quality of the classroom learning environment. Perhaps this is obvious, but who else agrees that “learning via lecture” is the silliest, most broken ego-driven system of all time – especially in college.

Lectures, at least at my school, are multiples times a week (per class) and last ~ 1.5 hours each every time we meet! One and a half hours of no talking and all listening. 

Would you ever call a 1.5 hour meeting at work? No way! No one would take you seriously? 

Who can focus on one type of content for 1.5 hours in a row without the urge to speak, think, or get distracted? 

I need, at the minimum, a slight break every hour. 

But who thought it would be better to stuff all of this nonsense content in an hour and a half? I really cannot do it. I learn strictly worse this way than some other combination of self learning and tutoring. 

I wonder if other people at all feel this way or they do prefer the “learning in the classroom” style.

My hope is that 20 years from now no one will face this type of problem. Though, how do we get there? 

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