Finding Ways to Be Uniquely Helpful

One quality I admire in people, that I actually come across very rarely, is this trait of being wildly helpful. These types of people provide disproportionate value in a very very short amount of time. You likely know individuals like this…they just have some charisma that exudes helpfulness.

Are you this type of person?

“Finding ways to be uniquely helpful” is something a lot of people struggle to do. It is really hard! The world is huge and there are so many people out there. Being a monopoly, standing out – providing a resource that you and only you can provide…not an easy thing!!

I am by no means an expert, but what I find most helpful (through my own limited experience) is to spend as much energy as possible investing in yourself and spend far little time trying to copy others or be exactly like someone you read about in a Techcrunch article.

In my view, superpowers come from within.

You do not get them externally. Yes you can learn from others. But directionally, at the end of the day? The hard decision making is up to you. No one will do that for you.

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