Half Baked Ideas

The biggest criticism I have gotten from readers over the past nearly 600 days of publishing every single day is that many of the ideas and things I write about are not extremely well thought out. 

Many of the ideas show potential - but they could be elaborated on. They could be better researched. And they could be cleaned up.

I agree! 

But that is not the point of this blog. This blog is actually a place for sharing my half baked thoughts. It is a place for rapid mental experimentation - testing the way I think and how I explore concepts. 

Well thought or not...trying to understand my own thinking has proven to be super valuable.

Because of that, I am willing to risk publishing things under my own name with the chance of writing something "not so smart" being very high. I am likely to make errors. I am likely to be wrong. I am likely to write something that 5 years from now I will fundamentally disagree.

But I am willing to say that is all okay...all for the opportunities writing has given me.

My aspirations never have been or will be to be a professional writer (or so I think). 

At least now, in 2017, I am not going to be a writer post college. I am studying Finance and Computer Science - most of the things that I do on a day to day basis actually access a completely separate part of my brain.

But sharing half baked ideas in a "safe" environment like this one has helped me feel comfortable collaborating and talking to new people. I have gotten better at taking criticism, developing my own internal metrics, and building up to improve my storytelling ability.

Some essays are better than others - but to me, that is not what is most important. 

What is most important, to me, is that I am getting the daily writing exercise in. I know how valuable that will be in the long run.