This is going to be a really short essay on a personal gripe I discovered while traveling across Southeast Asia. It is definitely petty, and a reminder of the privileges I have. I will just go out and say it: I am not built for humidity. I am not sure if anyone is, really, but, having grown up in Arizona, I figured I could withstand heat. I figured I was able to suffer.

Humidity is my enemy. Singapore. Vietnam. Cambodia.

I step outside, I am covered in sweat. At the same time, I see the locals running around everywhere with long sleeve shirts and pants on…something does not add up.

I cannot wear light colored shirts in these cities. I cannot wear a backpack or anything without leaving a massive sweat stain.

Living somewhere with high humidity is actually a serious influence to me. Now I know that no one is begging for high humidity, but, to me, it directly affects my quality of life – dramatically.

Is the purpose of this article to complain? No…

It is to think out what actually affects my quality of life and cut those things from my thinking.

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