Imagine Everything Going Right

I believe that expectations often drive outcomes. How you think a situation will turn out generally influences the results. I have noticed many people adopt a lens of preparing for the worst case scenario. This downside-minimization strategy is popular because no one likes to think about losing everything and starting over.

But what if the best strategy, if aiming for the fences, is to imagine that everything goes right? Pretend you have a magic wand and can influence whichever outcome you please…prepare for that world.

Far too often, I believe we set our sights too low because we are too preoccupied thinking about the worst case scenario and our fail proof strategy. We rarely think about everything going right. We rarely aim as high as possible and imagine we can do anything we want to in this world.

Life becomes more fun once you start believing that things are positive-sum and it is possible to get what you want.