Long Term Thinking

I think one of the most differentiating characteristics between highly impactful, high output individuals and “common folk” is their relentless pursuit of long term idealisms. It is of course a balance between looking far and acting short, but the ability to take the long view and be patient in the midst of chaos is, to me, a very admirable trait.

Realizing that great things take time is a humble lesson. My Dad taught me this. Growing up, I would always ask when dinner would be ready. “Great food takes time,” he would often remind.

Nothing great – on a large scale – is completed in a night. Indeed, it takes years. Decades. Overnight success stories are generally ego-induced myths.

Long term thinkers could care less about today’s noise because they are so greatly focused on tomorrow’s future.

I think a good way to become a long term thinker is to read biographies and stories of generational companies (Pixar, Xerox Park, Apple, Bell Labs, Disney, etc.). These companies were started by people with visions of a broad, bright future.

Rome was not built in one day.

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