Messy Drawers

We all have messy drawers in our life. 

You know what I am talking about? 

It is a place we stow away lots of little things we may not want to think about. 

Whether these are physical drawers or mental pockets of your mind, there is a home for procrastination. 

Sometimes, you clean up on set of drawers only to move the mess to some other hiding spot for you not to think about it.

As I was tidying up my room yesterday, I realized that I was consolidating all of my little knick knacks and things I did not want to think about moving around to one place - a drawer. 

It is easier to avoid thinking about that one drawer than to be constantly reminded by a mess all over the room. 

So we consolidate.

It is easier for us.

And we stow all of our worries away.

But eventually we have to confront them head on. We have to clean up the mess. 

Is it better to wait? Or is it healthy to have a messy drawer?