Muffins are Cupcakes

Muffins are cupcakes, in disguise. Muffins are a “breakfast-food” but most of them should be considered a dessert.

I have fallen for this trap many times. I see the blueberry muffin sitting in the display rack and order it. I only order it because I consider a muffin a perfectly reasonable breakfast item.

I only see it as “breakfast” because of previous conditioning.

But check out the ingredients, the nutrients, the calories…

Muffins are cupcakes. 

Okay so why does this matter? Stop eating cupcakes?

Muffins represent a number of different areas of my life. They are hidden casualties. They are pain points in disguise. They are unhealthy habits, time-wasters, etc. that have creeped into my life.

And yet…

I do not even realize how bad they are.

Obviously I would never order a cupcake as my breakfast? Right? Who would?

But yet I order that muffin every time.

What other choices do I make that fall in line with this train of thinking? What are things that I do that I figure, on the outside, are not really bad habits but actually have very negative consequences.

Over time, these “somewhat harmless” consequences accumulate and are very dangerous.

It is hard to accept that muffins are cupcakes…it is hard to change bad habits.