Curious Era

I think now is the best time – in the history of the world – to be a curious person. While it is hard for me to truly appreciate, the opportunity to think creatively and question things, ask random questions, and try out random experiments is a big luxury.

It is hard to appreciate this “luxury”, but the “barrier to entry” to both being curious and actually exploring your curiosities is as low as it has ever been.

If you read history, and read lots of it, you will find a common theme among many of the “most remembered” figures of our past – they were curious. They asked questions. They asked why.

But more than that…they actually explored their questions. They sought answers. They solved problems. They actually executed on their ideas and followed their curiosities.

In the past, nearly all of society lacked access to basic things they needed to answer their questions.

Now…we have lowered the barrier greatly.

Lowering the barrier to entry to exploring passions is a great thing for society. It allows people to be happier, figure out what they like faster, and solve more problems.

While many parts of the world still lack access to the internet – a curiosity engine – I think things are getting better. I recognize the privilege I have – to be able to search for information, etc. at my fingertips. And for that I say and reiterate just how lucky we are to be alive during a time of information density and accessibility.

Information accessibility is a fundamental shift for the world.

I have written about this notion before, but I think we have advanced in stages:

From labor being power to capital being power to knowledge being power. Soon, knowledge will be ubiquitous. Next, attention will be power.

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