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Excerpt from @justinkan ‘s Snapstory — go add him! @justinkan

Excerpt from @justinkan ‘s Snapstory — go add him! @justinkan

Founders must make crucical decisions early on in their company’s life.

Making decisions based off of external validators

Far too often, founders and employees make decisions predicated upon societal norms or pressures. The truth, though, is that these influences do not help you or your business.

When Justin first started Twitch, he went through this same dilemma. His team elected roles based off of their past experiences and thought these were natural fits. Though, after five years of working together, they understood that these were not perhaps optimal positions.

Some times, it takes being intellectually honest with yourself to truly become self-aware.

If you do not love to do something — just hire someone who does care about their task.

Do not waste your time doing things you are not passionate about. Founders should not make decisions on how to spend their time based on what they think they should be doing.

Hardest thing: Knowing Yourself

This is a really hard question to ask yourself — and it will often take more than just a simple assessment. But it is crucial to ask yourself

What am I good at? What do I love doing? What is important to me?

“Look deep”

i love this

You have to let go of all the things that your ego is telling you to do.

Your ego will want you to fill the biggest roles and sign the biggest checks. The truth is that none of this will make you happy. Find the little things that you are passionate about — things not motivated by external accolades.

The most important thing to remember is that purpose of a decision, in the long run — is to

Be at peace with yourself