Say Yes Randomly

at least once in a while

Say Yes Randomlyat least once in a while

at least once in a while

Making decisions can be hard. Especially decisions that involve you (an individual) investing time in something. People often avoid commitments. And for good reason at that. I hate putting myself in a position to accept a responsibility only to let others down, waste their time and my own, and lose money.

In fact, saying no to most things is good for letting you focus on the task at hand. For milking your current status, and making the most of your company, project, whatever. Opportunities can be distractions and saying no, by default, is a good way to stay focused.

But this sort of thinking can also lead you the wrong direction. Every once in a while, it is actually beneficial to allow your mind to wander and get distracted.


I believe that there is always more to learn. And while not everyone is open to learning, or not comfortable with, there is room to grow. And once you become self aware enough to know whether or not you want to keep learning, you can decide whether or not taking new opportunities is right for you.

But the cool thing is that any opportunity always starts with a decision. You either say yes or no.

Imagine you start saying more Yes-es.

What will happen?

Well, following this binary decision making — you will get yourself involved in more things.

Now that can be good or bad. Be careful. But I want to focus on the good because that is what I am hoping for when I say yes and that is what sometimes happens. I’ve recently been saying yes to talking to new people, going to new events, and helping new companies. Of course, I am always transparent, I never want to waste others’ time and resources — I tell them my intentions.

And while I am optimizing for learning rather than money or whatever, I am finding that to open new doors, some that I have never touched before, I am able to learn new things. And that is worth something, to me 🙂

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By jordangonen on July 14, 2016.

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