Saying No

I have likely written about this before but I wanted to reiterate, perhaps to myself, just how important and valuable it is to get really good at saying no to opportunities.

Growing up, I feel like I always worried about finding things to do. 

Where would I work?

Who would be my friends?

Where would I live? 

The question is rarely what I do not want to be doing with my time - which I find to be the far more insightful answer for me.

The same thing is true for how we spend our time on a day to day basis. And the reality is...I am learning...that we really only have a finite amount of time to spend.

The cool part - as citizens of the free world - we get to (as a privilege) choose how to spend our time. Yet...we say yes to so many things that we stop feeling free. We sign up for all of these responsibilities that we are not even that passionate about. 

Getting good at saying no is the biggest productivity hack of all time. Yet it is so under-prioritized. 

It is actually looked down upon on society.

People get offended when you say no to them so that you can work harder and focus more on other things.

This is backwards.