What are we rushing to?

I think a big aspect of life is this concept of “hurry up and wait.” We tend to sprint marathons, yet we have no idea where and why we are going. What are we rushing to?

It is question we rarely zoom out and ask ourselves, yet it informs much of our decision making.

One powerful idea I have been digesting over the past few weeks, especially as I have been traveling, is this idea of “agency,” such that as free humans we have the power to how we feel.

Reasonable people can and should debate the true efficacy of free-will…I choose to focus on the intent, such that, as humans, we should assume we have the power to make a difference.

And via this lens, I think about this empowering idea of “being able to decide” our own pace of life.

“Rushing” to and from activities brings about a lot of stress and anxiety in people. Living fast…hurrying all of the time…this is becoming more and more commonplace in the modern American. We are always consumed with figuring out what to do next and calendaring our schedule.

Imagine if you could wave a magic wand and remove this type of stress.

Being busy is a state of mind. Right?

We get to decide if we want to be busy. While it does not always feel this way, it is true! We can disappear…fall of the grid…chances our the world would keep spinning.

It can all feel overwhelming…like we must do x and have to do y.

The truth, at least the truth I think you can choose to accept every once in a while, is that nothing is absolute and that the pace of life is set on your own accord.

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